Alakai's Team has extensive experience in aerospace, computers and systems, with systems and product knowledge on Boeing, Airbus, Beech, Cirrus, Eurocopter, and Aerospatiale aircraft, among others.




Technology for Aerospace, eCopters, and Flight Data Monitoring:

• Advanced architectures and fault tolerant systems

• Lightning and EMI control and mitigation

• Architecture, design, and patents for industry-first hydrogen-powered, affordable, full-scale all-electric multicopter

autonomous and manned (piloted) modes

• Fiber optics in dual- and triple-redundant control systems

• Civil Transport, Regional, and GA aircraft

• Predictive, flight data monitoring (FOQA) systems

• Regional, Helicopter, and GA aircraft

• In-flight embedded FOQA/FDM analysis

• 80 to 170 parameters recorded for retrofit aircraft

• WiFi, Broadband, or SatCom links

• Cloud-based storage, plus simple web-based  front-end for data analysis and review

• System installed under STCs

• Manufactured by FAA Production Approval Holder

• Engine Trend Monitoring Systems

• Automatic, low-cost, STC'd Engine Trend Monitoring

• Meets FAA Part 135 requirements

• Monitor engine performance; detect pending problems

• Results automatically emailed to owner or staff

• Automatic data uploads and on-line reports



Design experience with:


Raytheon Aircraft / Beech

Boeing and McDonnell Douglas

Airbus A380

NASA Langley, NASA Lewis

Cirrus, Cessna, and Lear


Parker Aerospace


FAA (ACOs and MIDOs)


Guardian Mobility Corp.



alakai one - ecopter for air mobility vehicle (amv)

Ecopters are electric multicopters for everyday civilian as well as military uses

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